For All The Sacrifices You Have Made

For all the sacrifices you have made

It was a difficult thing to do

For all the long deployments

It was something you had to do

For all of the letters

I received along the way

The words meant so much

I thought of you each day

For all the times you spent

For making our world so safe

For all the precautions you took

To make this a better place

For all the restless nights

You all stayed on alert

For all the relentless bombs

That landed in the dirt

For all the scary moments

For placing yourself in harm’s way

For you loyalty and dedication

And all the nights you prayed

For all the holidays that came by

And for those you didn’t see

Because you were on the battlefield

Protecting the world for me

You all will never be forgotten

I wish I could give you more

But all I have is these words

And this is what I thank you for



Derrick Graham