Temporary Staffing Placements Opens Doors

Employment Trends

The current job market is challenging enough.  Current estimates show2.91 million in day-to-day temporary staffing positions with another 11.5 million in temporary contracting positions.  All these temporary positions, naturally limit the number of full-time positions.

This trend has grown steadily over the last decade.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the reliance on temporary staffing is expected to increase through 2020.  This anticipated growth is due to the rising costs associated with on-boarding employees.  Some estimates are as high as $6,000.00 minimum for each hire due to various benefits plans’ enrollment fees.

Why Temporary Jobs?

Temporary hires and project contracting allows businesses to avoid these costs, but more importantly allows the management to get to know the employee’s actual productivity and personality in detail that cannot be provided through a series of interviews.  There is no substitute for the day-to-day hands on performance and rubbing elbows together in the workplace.

Current job seekers cannot let their bias about a “temp job” limit their opportunities.  In fact, a temporary position has its advantages. 

Temporary assignments allow the prospective employee opportunities to start cash flow, test the job fit and actually know the business culture.   Once in the door, your productivity and dependability becomes a known quantity to the operations and company decision makers.  Companies always prefer to promote from within rather than the exhaustive process of bringing in anyone from the outside.

Start Quick.  Stay Strong.  Score.

Moral of the story, look to temporary staffing companies to jump start your actual working and avoid the laborious external search process.  In fact, most companies upon seeing an employee’s productivity write job descriptions and create jobs based on having that person (who’s already doing the job) fill it.

Due to the current demand and growing needs by staffing agencies, job seekers will start much quicker and already have their foot in the proverbial door. 

The Still Serving Veterans Veteran Employment Services team is standing by to help Veterans, transitioning military, and members of the Guard and Reserve with finding a great job and a meaningful career.  Please visit us at: www.stillservingveterans.org or call (866) 778-4645 and ask to speak with a Still Serving Veterans employment counselor.  

Advice provided by Charlie Livings, Still Serving Veterans' Regional Director for East Alabama/Columbus GA

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