Telling Your Story: a Critical Job Hunting Skill


What is your story?  Who are you?

As Veterans, we generally do a lousy job of telling our story.  We are accustomed to thinking and talking in terms of"the team" and "we."  That is the culture of military service.  We view those who brag and talk about themselves as untrustworthy. 

However, as you look for a civilian job, the rules change.  Civilian employers want to know what you have done, not others.  They want to know who you are, independent of former rank/position.  They want to know why do you want this job? 

You must be able to tell your story and the presentation Telling Your Story: A Critical Job Hunting Skill, prepared by the Still Serving Veterans' Veteran Employment Team, will help you get your head around this topic so critical to finding a good job.  

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