Get The Most From A Career Fair

Career fairs are great places for those in pursuit of a new career or a job change. A job fair is a one stop shop that allows an employee to meet with several different companies in one location. Job fairs are usually geared toward a specific audience and will say so in the announcement. To ensure an employee gets the most out of their job search, knowing what to do and when to attend are the key pieces in making the most out of attendance. 

Treat your presence at a career fair the same as you would for a job interview

Dress as you would for a formal interview. Business casual is the preferred dress code. This means no jeans, no hats, and no sweatshirts. Dressing for success means if you have to keep adjusting a piece of your outfit, it is not right for a job interview. This is also not the time to wear that new pair of 6 inch heels or those pants that have a hole in them.

Be prepared

A career fair is slightly different from a standard interview, because you never know how the interaction will go - will they just take your resume or will they want to interview you right then and there? Some job seekers have left a career fair with a job offer in hand. Bring plenty of copies of your resume. Make sure to proofread your resume and a little refreshing does not hurt if your resume has not been updated in a while. 


Knowing who you are planning to meet is the best way to prepare yourself for on the spot interviews. Organizations want to know why they should invest in you as an employee. Knowing how you fit in an employers’ vision is the best way to help sell yourself. Get to know the company, know what position you are looking for, and 


A resume can tell potential employers about you, but nothing beats face to face interaction. Be confident and make sure when you leave a companies’ booth you know just what to expect next and who to follow up with. Taking brochures, and business cards ensure you have a follow up after the meet and greet. Writing a simple thank you letter to whomever you spoke with is another great tip that can make you stand out from the other potential candidates. 

A career fair is an excellent way to meet potential future employers. While some career fairs do lead to jobs, some may result in contacts that can turn you on to a job at a later time. Be confident, be prepared and sell yourself, and there is not doubt that your next career fair will be a success.

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