Veterans Needed for Honor Guard

American Legion Post 237 in Huntsville, AL is desperately in need of serious, dedicated Veterans to help with the American Legion Honor Guard. Due to Federal Budget cuts, the Military is hard put to help honor our deceased comrades get the honors they richly deserve at their Funerals.

The American Legion Honor Guard at many American Legions have stepped forward to ensure our friends and families get the honors their service has earned. So it is with American Legion Post 237. These dedicated members provide Military Rites for deceased veterans whenever asked. They provide these services sometimes two or three times a week. They are working short-handed and need some help. If you are a Veteran, and can be of help, they need your service. Contact the American Legion Post 237 to set up a interview: 256-883-9911, ask for the Honor Guard Commander.

The Purpose of the American Legion Post 28 Honor Guard is to:

  • Provide military rites for deceased honorable discharged Veterans
  • Participate in a limited number of parades
  • Present programs on Americanism, flag and other patriotic ceremonies to grade, high schools, scouts, and others as requested
  • Participate in veterans day, pearl harbor day, flag day ceremonies and others

There is no charge to Veteran's family for the services performed, but donations are accepted. This money is used to purchase fuel, uniforms for members, up keep of the rifles and other items as they occur. 

The designation of this unit was changed from Color Guard to Honor Guard in the year 2000. The designation was changed due to the fact that the unit participated mostly in Military Rites for deceased Veterans. A Color Guard is more flexible in that it marches in parades and carries the Colors for other functions in addition to funeral duties.

Who is Eligible to join the Honor Guard?

Any member of the American Legion Posts is eligible to join the Honor Guard. Preferably, a retired member since the schedule of funerals is in the morning hours and early afternoon. If you are interested, contact the "Honor Guard Leader" or any member of the Honor Guard at a local American Legion.

The members of the Honor Guard have served during World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Lebanon, Grenada, Panama and the Gulf War. Honor Guard Meetings are held as needed for training.

If interested, set up a interview. Call (256) 883-9911 and ask for the Honor Guard Commander.


Thru rain or sleet or heat or snow,
the American Legion Honor Guard will go.

To perform their duties on command
in honor of all those who defended this land.

Their gesture of good deeds for the family bereaved
will bring comfort and closure to what they have achieved.