Support SSV through the CFC


Non-profit organizations have been in place for many years and are a great help to the communities in which they are a part of. There are countless stories and memories from families as well as individuals who have benefited from the presence of such non-profits. Still Serving Veterans is a non-profit organization that gives back to the community in the best way possible because SSV is giving back to the people that have made the ultimate sacrifice: their lives for our freedom. 

Like all non-profits, Still Serving Veterans has a great need for donors and volunteers and operates solely on those donated funds. In this regard, SSV needs your help. Each year SSV looks forward to donated funds from various sources and one of the best sources of income comes from the Combined Federal Campaign. The CFC is the world’s largest annual workplace campaign that raises millions of dollars through over 200 CFC campaigns.

Through the CFC, individuals can donate a small portion of their paycheck to their charity of choice, and this gives members of the community the opportunity to give back and in return allows the charity to continue to give back to the community.  In this write up, we wanted to take the time to give some background on what the CFC is and what it does.

The CFC is...

… An opportunity to receive funds from military, federal and postal employees.

… An annual funds drive.

… An opportunity to gain monetary and sweat-equity resources.

… 100% donor designated campaign.

… The annual process.


The CFC is not…

… An entitlement. Charities must meet the minimum requirements as specified within the application in order to participate.

… A year round ask.

… A guarantee of funding.

… Required to host an annual agency fair or host special CFC events.

… An automatic entry: nor is it meant to be.


The CFC is a great way to support Still Serving Veterans and ultimately give back to our Veterans and their families. To learn more about the CFC, check out their website or ask your employer how you can contribute.

Still Serving Veterans' CFC # is 12606